“we are not here to make you feel comfortable”

A short film by Boris Seewald & Sung-Hee Seewald




The prevailing portrayals of the female body in media and arts does not reflect the vast majority of women. There is a predefined ideal in body shape, size, and age.

The short film FEMALE DIVERSITY portrays within a small selection of women, typical characteristics which every woman knows and which the vast majority of female bodies have, but which are retouched, concealed or simply not displayed at all in media.

Lines, shapes, and features build the key elements of compositions of black-and-white imagery yielding an uncommon staging of female totality.

A short film by Boris Seewald & Sung-Hee Seewald


Die vorwiegend einseitige Darstellung des weiblichen Körpers in Medien und auch Kunst repräsentiert die Mehrheit der Frauen nicht.

Es herrscht ein festgelegtes Idealbild in Körperform, Größe und Alter.

Der Film FEMALE DIVERSITY porträtiert anhand einer kleinen Selektion von Frauen typische Merkmale, die jede Frau kennt und die große Mehrheit der Frauen aufweist, jedoch in den Medien retuschiert, kaschiert oder erst gar nicht gezeigt werden.

Linien, Formen und Körpermerkmale als zentrale Elemente der schwarz-weißen Bildkompositionen ergeben eine unübliche Inszenierung weiblicher Gesamtheit.

Ein Kurzfilm von Boris Seewald & Sung-Hee Seewald

Sung-Hee Seewald & Boris Seewald

Artist’s statement


Why is female beauty so restrictedly represented in the omnipresent images? Why are characteristics that the vast majority of women display considered flaws? The one-sided representation of women is accepted and women try to adapt to the ideal instead of contradicting it.

We see female stereotypes in the media but what a female body really looks like is concealed. Does individuality and the unknown make us feel uncomfortable?

The Film FEMALE DIVERSITY shows the diverse female body. We stage natural body forms as artistic lines in the picture, with lines, wrinkles, curves and the smallest details in the skin. The beauty and individuality presented in this way should help to question our conditioned view.


Warum wird weibliche Schönheit in den allgegenwärtigen Bildern so eingeschränkt repräsentiert? Warum gelten Merkmale, die die große Mehrheit der Frauen aufweisen, als Fehler?

Die einseitige Darstellung der Frau wird akzeptiert und Frauen versuchen, sich dem Idealbild anzupassen anstatt diesem zu widersprechen. Wir sehen weibliche Stereotypen in den Medien aber wie der weibliche Körper wirklich aussieht, wird kaschiert.

Bereitet uns Individualität und das Fremde Unbehagen?

Der Film FEMALE DIVERSITY zeigt die Vielfalt des weiblichen Körpers. Natürliche Körperformen werden als kunstvolle Linien im Bild inszeniert, samt Falten, Rundungen und kleinster Details in der Haut. Die so präsentierte Schönheit und Individualität soll helfen, unseren konditionierten Blick in Frage zu stellen.

Dear Journalists,

thanks for taking the time to share and to write about our short film FEMALE DIVERSITY.
We want to display our film to a wide audience to change people’s perception of the female body, to empower women so they know they weren’t made to fit one shape. Because no-body is here to make anyone feel comfortable!

Please download our electronic press kit, pictures, teaser and much more:

We want to thank all the creative people involved in this short film!
Thanks to Ralf Hildenbeutel for creating the music, it is such a piece of art. Miwha Seewald is the stunning voice, thank you so much for your creative input and helping us with the right words. The muses, the beautiful females Camille Beunèche, Susann Bischof, Joyce Edunjobi, Ute, Olivia Klug, Daniela Mauer, Greta Streitberger and Ariane Mühlmann: you are so stunning! Thank you so much for trusting us, thanks for being in front of our camera.
Thank you Volker Wendisch for the sound. Thank you Philip Moore for your creativity for the right words. Nils Jahnke for the recording studio and Willi von Öhsen from Broncolor, Sung-Hee’s all time supporter for the best light equipment ever! A very special thanks goes to husband Jan Eichner, you know what you’ve done.

I, Sung-Hee, want to thank my beloved brother Boris for this collaboration. It’s been an honor.

Press about the short film

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This short film is part of the FEMALE DIVERSITY photography project by Sung-Hee Seewald.

This body of work is about the diversity within female bodies, to change one’s perception and to redefine beauty: to a state of mind. Read more about the project and have a look at a selection of images here.

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