- work in progress -


What does a female body really look like?

The imgae of a woman in photography and in media shows one certain type of woman.

What about the rest - the 90% of women who don't get represented? 

In this project I want to show what female bodies really look like. How diverse the image of a woman can be. The ideal female body had been defined by society, differently in many eras. There have been many ideal pictures of women.

But how can a woman be defined when the actual female body is so diverse, in size, shapes, age, color and all the individual aspects of humans?

The beauty of a female body within her diversity is something women often don't feel and don't know themselves. Too many woman feel wrong or not right with their bodies. 

The female body in photography and in media could be more diverse. To pay justice to the beauty of women.

The topic of defining the modern woman goes far beyond the way she looks. Defining what a woman should act like, be like, to have children or a career, or both? When is she a good mother or a good business woman who earns a decent amount of money? Aging? Better not, youth is a standard.

Women should feel empowered to create and design their own life on their terms and desires. Finding new ways to step into their full potential and BEEING A WOMAN.